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I want to first thank everyone who have purchased from BombFace Brand. This is community who appreciate quality, service and style. Anyone who has shown support or continue support we appreciate you.

This has been a serious journey. A tough road to growth is sharing and using a God given talent to create with each and everyone.

I want to let you know I have found myself as a designer in creating clothes from scratch. No schooling or any type of official training. The passion was ignited by the artistic ability give by my father & mother. Everyones purchase has allowed the confidence to continue this growth. 

The direction of all quality for a fare price allow the brand to provide quality service and product everyone who appreciates quality service. 

The definition of fare is determined by the time spend, quality fabric, delivery, service and confidence knowing you wear a bran who care how you feel when you wear quality. This is through true culture of the streets. We see value in the people of the streets. This is includes everyone who look like you and me and share a common interest in growth. I see value in people is why I extend my hand in sharing that value.

The value is wear and brand with confidence. The value includes your comfort. The value also includes you trust in our delivery of this service. The designs, original collections and collaborative art are apart of the growing custom collection as well.

The value system here includes the ability and interactive updates on delivery and processing time of custom items. Our Return Policy Benefits you as a customer to insure security and service.

There will be updates on upcoming Fashion Shows and Events hosted and participated by BOMBFACE Brand.

Opt in for only information you care about. This is an option where we are using our one on one interactive SMS messaging where you receive messages and updates directly from me or created by me and will be able to act efficiently. Reply with what you like to receive updates on or request the lis and one will be sent to you.

This is to give you the say in what you see from us and allow you not to get bombarded with ads and emails. As we grow you grow with us. If you enjoy quality and interactive delivery with a peace of mind in Integrity then you will be in great hands and care. 

  • We are a high quality and fashion streetwear brand!
  • We make it easy for you to get dress at your doorstep
  • Opportunity to receive high quality one of one custom design fabric tailored to your needs
  • The more you invest then the more we are able to continue to serve with quality you come about and appreciate. 

Our vision is to invest back into youth with future opportunity to teach them how to make a way in Fashion and Creation. This is our plan and commitment to service the community to grow and value themselves with confidence.

We hope to continue to see you at the online store.

If you looking to invest into a growing business you can

click the link: 

There will be future info on how you can be of value in the growth of the community to learn how to earn by creating. 

Thank You

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