Customize Your Closet Success

 Do you ever sit there and wonder why someone get the bulk of the attention? Hum? What do this really mean? I’m speaking about the confidence that is displayed because when I leave the house I get ready for the complements I tell myself. Oh boy where is he going with this? 

Ok Follow allowing…

 Seth gets up everyday looks in the mirror and wonder why this girl he likes or any girl he likes does not give him that attention. He hangs out with his friends who seem to know how to have conversations with women with ease. How do I get a girl to come up to me? Is the thoughts that go through his mind. He looks for an answer but no one ever told him how he dress is part of his success. 

  Now there’s Jamie he works all the time in suits and like to hang out with friends and family. Outside of getting dress for work he always puts on sweats and a T-shirt. He has no sense of style outside of suits because he really has anxiety when it comes to going out. He never knows what to wear. Seem to always wear the wrong thing. Never get a girl to complement him on his appearance. How do he have such a good job works hard and still don’t get the attention? The thoughts that go through his head is dang this is what I work hard for. 

  It’s not the attention but its the attention. The appreciation someone show you for what you put together starts a spark. In communication or lets say non verbal communication people pay attention to color style and judge good or bad in their mind about what you are wearing. When someone likes a color or a shirt, style, hat what ever to break the ice of conversation is the main ingredient to your confidence in styling. 

 So if you feel like this is you and you like to know what to wear and like a live one on one zoom call to customize your closet or get some advice on what to wear. The BombFace Membership is what you need for your anxiety, inconsistent style, lack of style, boring daily colors. 

  I went to college and use to help friends say stuff to girls and write notes and even dress. The dressing part is where I love because it is no verbal communication to appreciation. Appreciate your style. Complements about your shirt. What do that shirt mean? BombFace what is that? Yes my dream is to help you get your dream. 


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