Easy Style Expression for Men

 Style isn’t a foreign language! Even though we express style different because of our upbringings doesn’t mean it isn’t a necessary important message.                                 Depending on the setting of the environment you are in, but for the most part everyday styling is different. It shows how you feel! 

 Let us explore this for a second. How we feel affects how our day is conducted? How much energy we put into that day. So feeling is important! We dress to express how we’re feeling. 
 Now this is a matter of opinion but in most cases we like to impress our peers. People we work with play ball with eat with in our daily social environments. This is what part of the daily streetwear is about. How do you feel daily. 

 Now the brand of BombFace is a brand for the culture of people who like to feel good about themselves daily. The feeling isn’t always good but for the most part when you wear the brand you always get complements! People look at you different and with admiration. You’re wearing a logo that catches the eye and simple. It says everything with few words. That’s an expression of a man. At least in the opinion of the author. 
 So maybe it is all perspective but what is know is you want to feel great and look good as much as possible. So the easy icebreaker between you and the women/girl you seen. She all of a sudden pays attention to what you’re wearing. All she thinks (is oh BombFace!) but for some reason she can’t stop saying it. Now she expresses what she thought and it all was decided by wearing the shirt. 
    A daily style T-shirt or comfortable hoodie, sweats, hats, socks, and other items are what makes a conversation easy. At the bar, meeting new friends, playing ball, working out, company event…. We have all had these interactions but what make them enjoyable? Complements aren’t bad, 🤷🏾‍♂️ Easy conversations at the bar 🍻 always feels good, but the best part of waking up ⬆️ is a 💃 making easy conversation with you. It’s something to feel good about. It’s what we strive to do. 

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