Fabric Art

I have always been a fan of dressing nice. Maybe it comes from the Sunday church services and the complements that came with wearing nice suits or clothes. It could be the idea of wearing nice clothes is a status symbol. I’m not sure the exact root of where it stems from but fashion is something that has always intrigued me. 
Art is something I have always been able to do with pencil and paper. The thing is I never knew that art can go across different perspectives. We all have some type of creation in us. 

Fashion is an expression of art. Of course everyone knows this but how we express art and if someone is able to interpret that expression is another reality.      

Fashion is an expression of art, ok this is the subject but what do this mean to a designer. The fabric is the canvas and how the fabric moves with the body is the interpretation of that same expression. 

 I went on my journey to search for a way to express myself through streetwear. In my search I have found several perspectives (as I’m not a fashion school graduate) in art and the most that resonates with me is expression without interpretation.

If you have ever heard of the expression “the art piece spoke to me” well this is what I like to call interpretation. Streetwear has given me an avenue to journey into the development of different aspects of art and the way to express it through clothes. 

Fashion is an expression of art. In my preparation of art pieces I plan to express streetwear and street fashion through the eyes of someone who grew up in the streets, (after those Sunday church service). From all walks of life streetwear is what we wear daily to express how we feel.

Fashion is an expression of art. When imitating rappers who imitate the streets or who’s from the streets. There is a piece of fashion that’s connected to this identity. So the expression is apart of the identity. 

My message is never doubt your talents and don’t limit your perspective because you never know where your talents can take you. If it’s communication, marketing, teaching, or what ever that you’re naturally great at then I say do this!

Be You! be Great! 



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