How we Dress is how we Express

Expression - “the process of making known one's thoughts or feelings.”The is the true definition and based on this we can express ourselves in many ways. The 1st impression is the best impression. The impression forms the expression and can project emotional appreciation and acceptance.
Yeah yeah all these big words simply saying what you wear show how you feel! 

 In all seriousness how we dress is how we express ourselves. When I wear this shirt or these pants or shoes, etc…  I feel good!  So if you happen to like a pair of shoes you always get complements on, or a shirt people always notice when you wear it. Then that moment of appreciation by someone one else is worth the time you took to purchase that shirt and the courage to wear that stylish jacket with those new shoes. These are moments of style and expression. 

 Everyday we get up in life to live but sometimes we wonder what are we getting up for. The sense of hopelessness sometime take control of our body and day, when we harp on that emotion. If you change that simple thought of hopelessness into a thought of I have an opportunity then you begin to live. Put on your favorite outfit and live. (What for is up to you!) Express the good in you because when you have the doubt it is only a moment of emotion that can be changed. The comfortable stylish dress, red bottoms, or what ever occasion you’re preparing for. Express the best in you and you will always enjoy the moment in time. 
 This is an interaction we need and depend on as we evolve. The acceptance of someone else you appreciate. Options are only important when coming from the people you care for. So this expression to get a good reaction is a real thing. So I say don’t be  afraid to express yourself in your style. No matter what that is for you. You have a place! 
 We do dress to express ourselves. Sometimes it’s not a fashion show but a show of expression followed by complements is always a great feeling. Style isn’t the shiniest it’s the expressive moment through what we put together in our outfits. 

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