Story Behind BombFace Brand

  First let me explain what BombFace means. The face on the bomb is the image of my brother BOMBFACE Rap Artist and lyricist out of The Soufend of Seattle. The name came from women consistently telling him he has a Bomb Face. 

 BOMBFACE is a family owned and operated business that believes in quality, community, and service and love. 

  I am Whosee designer and artist (drawing/painting) behind BOMBFACE Streetwear Brand. I was incarcerated in 2004 with my brother (BOMBFACE) and learned a lot about myself and the ability to grow in a challenging environment.  

  I journeyed through some tough lessons in life with inner city identify and acceptance of myself. I was always able to draw and create since I was a child. This was discovered about the age of 7 drawing cartoon characters from the television. The ability gave me a sense of peace, but that part of peace left with dedication to sports, academics, and family upbringing. 

  Prison was a turn I didn't expect would cross my path. While incarcerated a man who was apart of the Arian Brother Hood or AB asked me to draw a picture of his daughter. I was amazed how the man dropped his beliefs for the sake of love for his daughter. In this moment I knew I was blessed to create and wanted a career to express my art. I wasn't sure how I was going to utilize my talent but I knew I couldn't deny it anymore.

  I was released from prison and the journey to a new beginning. I sold cars for 8yrs and learned some valuable  lessons of  the importance of customer service and how a successful business operates. 

  During my sales career BOMBFACE the Artist was creating music that displayed some of his struggles, pains and experience as a youth. I was impressed with his early success and creativity with words. He was performing at venues and selling merch with t-shirts and hats. This is before the revamping of the streetwear brand. 

  In 2020 Covid gave me the opportunity to listen to the silent still voice in my head that lead me to pivot in career paths. The sales manager at the time left me a voicemail to inspire me to get a head start for the month, but this voicemail lead me to quit my sales career. He was right, ( I was not performing well because my mind was on my passion.) and all I heard was "this is your chance." The opportunity to think gave me a chance to revamp and begin BOMBFACE Streetwear Brand. 

  My obsession with clothes and fabric is a natural talent I acquired from my mom who was a seamstress growing up in my early years. She designed suits, dresses, and made alterations to clothes. My early exposure with fabrics and texture prepared me for a future I could not see.

  With the artistic ability and understanding of fabric and texture, I am able to create. BOMBFACE Streetwear Brand passion is to inspire and pave a better future for dreamers,  anyone inspiring to create a better future for themselves. I believe we should wear our dreams. Show the world what you are made of and that you are here to be bold and unique. Your closet can be an instrument to manifest your dream into reality, and I want to guide you through this journey (I want to be part of your journey to greatness)

We are dedicated to invest into youth programs for entrepreneurs and mental health services through non-profit programs.

  BombFace Streetwear Brand recent achievement on Time Square Billboard have shown proof of hard work and a story that continues to grow with consistent dedication to Permission to Dream.  

  The future is bright with a consistent growing community. We are growing our network as well as community of streetwear, custom Art and custom skateboards. We offer honest, premium and stylish service, and a membership program tailored to the customer style.

BOMBFACE= Music+ Art+ Science is the equation to the brand and my passion for HipHop music, clothes, sneakers, as well as Art is a love build through sacrifice and dedication.  

Be You! Be Great! 


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