My mom was a seamstress and she use to create dresses and suits as well as make alterations for desired customers. The excitement I use to see when someone would get a custom design was priceless. 

   The Formula Premium Hoodie Collection is a custom Streetwear design with detail. The details on each side of the hoodie shows the steps it takes in the equation to make the atomic bomb 💣. The details are important to the overall formula. 

  My dad and mom divorced when I was really young. I chose to hide my talents with my pain because I didn’t know how to deal with the emotions. It spiraled into a shell of pain. 

   When I faced my emotional child within me it allow me to see my talents and gifts to create. Most of the times our emotional hurdles is Me vs. Me. Face yourself and you will see better. 


 Pain is only temporary! Sometimes we have to face our past (child emotions) to correct and grow in the future. Streetwear is a style I love and gives me the feeling of creating DOPE CLOTHES FOR PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD 🌎. Your future is bright face it!


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