What Is Important To You?

Really what's important to you? 

Do you prefer comfort?

Do you expect your clothes to last a longtime?

Wait lets begin with the fabric, the science of the design. You have to pay attention to how it was created. Is it made from animal skin, plant material, or manufactured fabric? Not only how it is made but how do it feel when you wear it.

Style is something that is breaks all the way down to the fabric the science of cloths. Reason being is because the fabric give you the feel and comfort you look for when you wear something you like.

Now I don't have the final say in what type of fabric feel a certain way on everybody, but what I do know is if the quality isn't right then the fabric will breakdown after the 1st wash and dry of the item.

Why do this matter? Well if you wonder why you always put that certain shirt on all the time because it feels good, or it breaths well. Then you have began to pay attention to the importance of fabric quality. Quality breaths better, last longer, and get comfortable with time.

The more you wear it the better it feels!

Now when you wear that shirt, jacket, hoodie, hat, etc... If you ask yourself what is important to you about this feel then you have got into the science of design. The Fabric of clothes is the science of the product and the importance in quality.

Now you know a part of what quality consist of... 

So what's important to you?




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