BombFace Atomic Signal Custom Skateboard

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BombFace Atomic Signal offers skateboarders a unique, custom board that is designed for quick turns and fluid movement. It boasts a Seattle skyline in the background, making it an eye-catching choice for the city's skateboarding scene. Each skateboard comes with a pair of tennis shoes of your selection. Depending on stock size and availability you can select from Nike Sb or Puma skateboard shoe

This custom skateboard also offers superior grip and stability in all terrains with its durable polypropylene deck and aluminum trucks. Whether you're cruising the street or performing tricks, the eight-ply hard maple wood ensures superior performance.

Art Description

The Atomic Bomb and the skyline are inspirations to the start of something great. The reason is because the opportunity to be able to share my art with people of the Seattle area is big. I have been interested in art since I was a child and it took me by storm. The white clouds represent the ignite of the atomic bomb over Seattle skyline, and the impact it makes. The BombFace in the sky is the representation of (The Town) putting the signal in the air to simulate the bat signal.

The skateboard is made of wood and is painted with acrylic paint.
• It’s an 8.25 size board with a 9ply.
• The wheels are 55mm.
• Independent Truck
• The finish is with a spray finish of Polyacrylic. This is all free hand painting.

Seattle Atomic Bomb skateboard!

Hope you enjoy!

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