Fealess Expression Through my purpose. 1st Year in Fashion

Well This concludes my 2023 year in Fashion.

 The 1st Time i seen a fashion show was July 2022 at the car Museum in Tacoma, Wa. with my brother. The show was on the floor and the models were walking in between the guess presenting the clothes. 

 I was struck by the color scheme and display of the fabric by some of the designers. The models move with every stride and strut showed art was on display that day. 

 The Fabric flow in the air and the shoulders were up right and stood at attention as the eyes of the room were gazing at the display and presentation of the models. 

Now when I first see this show I was oddly taken back because of the presentation and production. The thought of being in a fashion show made me doubt my position as a designer. I felt as though I wasn't ready. It seem to be years before I would be able to accomplish something of this large step in my  Fashion career.

A Fashion Designer! I would only imagine at the time but I knew I had work to do. On the runway designing and preparing for the show seem far fetch... The idea of color combinations and learning the different ways things are presented is still  very interesting to me.

Colors always have stricken me when in the right combination or style. Designing you have to be delicate with the fabric in order for the stitching and cut flow right with the lights,  cameras and action hits the stage. 

My first show was February 2023 in NYC, Manhattan and people were filling the room with anticipation to see the models. I was watching the whole atmosphere to grasp a hold of the energy and what was expected in that moment. Excitement and nervousness took over my body as i was sweating and greeting everyone through the room. 

The process of setting up and making sure all of the proper things are into place was nerve racking but I managed to keep my emotions in control and maintain a level of professionalism to balance my energy. 

I was impressed with the professionalism of the models, I interacted with. I worked with several models, agencies, actor, actresses, from all walks of life. Their appreciation of the creative process urged me to continue to create more.

 This world of Art and Presentation speaks to me like poetry word, guiding me with every sweet word and sound of the rhythm that hits the floor. The combination of Fabric and presentation of your message through each style and design. The opportunity to express passion within this is a blessing itself. 

One word to describe this year in Fashion. Purpose.... Yup I found my purpose to inspire people to be themselves. Purpose to express my God given talent to people and let them know the best part of yourself is by being yourself. The desire to inspire one by one. I found my purpose because I know what was given and what I naturally have will always make a way for me.

Sometimes your actual purpose is in the midst of the storm you're trying to run from. This Fashion Career has blessed me to grow within myself to be fearless and grow with a community who express themself with fabric and a stage.

The Community of Art, Style & Fashion is where I belong. Found my purpose to create and the following peace that allow me to know where I am going. 

Fearless Expression through my Purpose.


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