Smurf & Pinky paint New York

Size: 8.35
Precio de venta$378.98 USD


This is a Custom Skateboard 

The Art on the board is a Smurf and Pinky the Brain character from cartoons. The expression is art to the city of New York. 

New York theme was picked because this is where a lot of the fashion comes from and begins. Painting the town with your personality. Big city of Dreams for a fresh beginning. 

The medium is Wood, the paint is acrylic and the finish on the skateboard is resin finish. To give it that glossy feeling and look. 

each Custom Skateboard comes with a pair of Skateboard shoes limited stock available. Select your size. Size 6 in women -Up to a size 12 in Men. 

size: 8.35

wheels: spitfire

trucks: Independent 

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