BombFace Atomic Signal

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BombFace is the name of the clothing brand I manage. I want to dedicate something that ties Seattle in as well as the skyline of the space needle. The Atomic Bomb or Mushroom Clouds is famous with the Atomic Bomb and the equation is apart of the clothing brand. I like skateboards because the person who actually do tricks on the board defies gravity.

The Atomic Bomb and the skyline is and inspiration to the start of something great. The reason is because of the opportunity to be able to share my art with people of the Seattle area is big. I have been interested in art since I was a child and it took me by storm. The white clouds are represent the ignite of the atomic bomb over Seattle skyline, and the impact it makes. The BombFace in the sky is the representation of (The Town) putting the signal in the air to simulate the bat signal.

The skateboard is made of wood and is painted with acrylic paint.
• It’s 8.25 size board with a 9ply.
• The wheels are 55mm.
• Independent Truck
• The finish is with a spray finish of Polycrylic. This is all free hand painting.

Seattle Atomic Bomb skateboard!

Part of the profits of this art piece will go towards a non-profit for youth. I like to make sure the future is bright with the youth.

Hope you enjoy!

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