BOMBFACE Custom Made Tote

Style: With Paint
Sale price$79.98 USD


  The tote bags are dedicated to the artist and people on the go. As an artist and someone who believes in quality, a tote bag is sort of our daily on the go life. 

The toes are able to carry books lunch a small purse and bag. Great for on the go, airport carry on, and small book bag. 

  • The bags are an average of 14x16 inches and a deep base 4-6inches in width for extra carry space.
  • Streetwear have expanded into other daily uses accessories  to accent outfits. It is a usable accessory that can accent the outfit. 

The tote bags are made in tow different styles with art added or a plain tote. The selection of tote will be between plain and with paint. 

The Tote bags are made to order and there will be only a selection of tote bags made at once for sale. 

Tote bags are made of heavy cotton canvas material. They are an essential part of our daily life on the go. Quick carry and put away.

Text for available colors:  

if there’s any question text: (206)800-8651


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