Candy Girl

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BOMBFACE= Music+Art+Science

BombFace is a brand that is based off of music, art and science. The Music Artist BombFace is from Seattle and brings a different sound to hiphop and the culture streetwear.

Candy Girl is a painting of a sweet girl who like to skateboard. I seen that females like to skate as well so I though I dedicate a piece of art to the women/girls who like to skateboard. The flowers and the candy represents how sweet a girl can be and still stand out among men. The different candies represents her personality and sweetness. The shirt she is wearing is the BombFace T-shirt and the BombFace panties. The style she has is still feminine but edgy. Art is expressed in different ways and still need representation of women in skateboarding.

* 8.25 skateboard
* 56mm Slimy wheels
* Krux Truck
* Black Diamond grip tape

Part of your purchase will go towards a non-profit to better the future of the youth. We believe in quality and service to our community.

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