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  The truth is told in one way but how we as a human race accepts or interpret this truth can be deceiving. Deception is a piece I came up with after speaking with a real good friend of mine about relationships and the truth about them. She have been in previous relationships with women and the lies are still the same. 
  The snakes are the interpretation of the words and spells we tell one another to alter their perception about us. The deception can take over our body if we allow it. At some point you have to be honest with yourself because the deception is like venom it kills you slow. 
 Deception in any relationship in evitable unless we are first honest with ourself. 
 Deception comes in the form of passion and sex. Confused by the interaction of what someone says and the feeling you feel when you in deception presents. 

 The red tongue on the snake and women signifies the message that is carried and the poison the tongue can cause. 

 I hope you enjoy this piece and what it signifies. 

Frame 18x24 inch

Wooden Frame

Medium: Pencil/ Graphite, Color pencil

Heavy Duty paper

Hours: 14hrs. 


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