Exotic Lies

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    Exotic Lies is a depiction of what is told to you to believe something out of the ordinary. These lies are exotic because you never seen them or even heard of the things people say to get their way. 
      Truth is only told under pressure situations. Sometimes these words are still outside of the truth.
   Exotic is originating in characteristic of a distinct foreign country(non-native). The reason it’s exotic because some of the things people think of can be original in characteristic and non native to the rules you are taught.     
   The things like “I Love You” classic… “You’re the only one”. Of course spoken through the lens of pain allow you to see the truth a little more clear. It’s the pain of the lie that causes you to look through the lens of the truth a little better. 

Frame: 12x16 Canvas Painting

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Finish

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