Jokers Are Wild

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BombFace= Music+Art+Science

BombFace is a brand that represents quality and service. I am Matt the artist behind the BombFace Brand and art. BombFace is represented in this piece with the Destruction and Creation t-shirt worn by the Joker.

I chose this scene from Batman where there Joker is going wild blowing things up. I want to express the destructive state of mind. Even in our destructive state takes over we are still able to create something better. This picture caught my attention because of the destruction. He have the Destruction and Creation t-shirt which is perfect for this moment. I came from a destructive state and was able to create something new in my journey. There are 2 skateboards combined together to represent this scene.

* 8.25 skateboard
* 56mm spitfire wheels
* Thunder Team Trucks
* Black Diamond grip tape

Part of your purchase goes toward a non-profit organization to benefit the youth.

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