Obama Inspiration

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In 2008 History was made in the United States of America. I begin to see who Barak Obama was behind his decisions and what inspired him as a president. This is the reason Ronald Regan is in the picture. Obama did an interview with 60 minutes and said Regan policies and how he was as a president inspired him. This image was on the front cover so I figure I capture the moment with my pencil and the view in black and white. 

 The best part about this picture is it was drawn by a number2 pencil and some tissue for shading. This is one I begin to open up my gift and draw again. This is where I was in my moment of darkness and I leaned onto my God given talent to shed light on the situation. 

 At this moment of reflection art opened up my heart to give myself a chance to dream of creating. Drawn in Idaho Correctional Center in 2010. 

Size: 8x11

Frame: wood frame

Medium: pencil

Hours: 10


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