Pink Panther Plan

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   Pink Panther is a character I love. He is always able to adjust to the situation. I seen the image and immediately wanted to draw this. Then I thought a painting will be better. This express the way I feel when I was incarcerated. The things I thought I stood for was challenged and belief of getting better was far off into the distance. 
   The reaction on the face is like the moment I realised what I was incarcerated for and the moment I look ahead and thought “oh man I have a long road ahead of me.” The road is defined by what you do to invest in you future daily. 
   The numbers on the front of the Pink Panther is the Department of Correction number given to me by the state of Idaho. The 2nd Degree is the charges I faced for my life and criticism from society (2nd Degree Murder). When I went in I knew I needed a plan to be better then I was when I went in. Looking back it helped me to not give up on myself. 

Frame: 12x16 Canvas

Acrylic paint 

Acrylic finish

Free Hand Painting


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