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   Popeye has always been a key cartoon figure when I was young. I realise there was a Popeye in my family able to do things with a boat I was amazed by. So this board is dedicated to the Popeye I know for real. 
   Over looking the ocean and see what he have to work against is why I call it Popeyes View. Popeyes experience with the ocean and belief in his experience is what makes him a superhero. He is able to stay calm in the worst of times on the ocean. If he has a problem he’s able to handle it. 
   This board is painted with acrylic paint and free hand. The finish is with a resin coat and a BOMBFACE sticker inside the resin. 

Skateboard: 8.5 size

Grip Tape

Acrylic Paint

Resin Finish


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