Rihanna Way

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    When moments are captured you have to express it. I felt like Rihanna captured the moment and got what she wanted. It look like she was looking at me with a piercing look. Rihanna have always had her way with her choice and she looks like she saying I get what I want in this picture. 

    Strength is sometimes commanded by what you endure. Rihanna strength in herself shows by how she carry herself and delivers in her craft. A look that express how you feel is like you are able to stop time and capture times precious moments. 

   When creating this picture I was thinking to myself how can I bring this picture alive? How do I give this moment life and not ruin the look I saw when this picture caught my eye? Art is delicate and precious in how we create. Sometimes the vision can change and leave you if you do not attack the idea. So in beautiful moments I say have your way and capture it.

Frame: 18x24 wood frame 

Medium: pencil/ graphite

Hours: 18.30hrs

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