Smokes in the Air

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 This picture caught my eyes because of the image by one of the best mc’s in the game Jada Kiss. Kiss lyrical display and investment to the game of HipHop allow me to appreciate his art. The exhale is the relief to the stress in life. This is expressed by the smoke in the air.  
 This piece is a dedication to one of hip hops hero’s and what he means to the game. Lyrical exercise is what Jada Kiss display as he exhales in this picture. 
 This is a black and white acrylic paint picture. This is a free hand painting. With lyrics quoted by Jada Kiss written on the outside. If you’re a fan of HipHop and the music you can appreciate Jada Kiss Style. 

Medium: acrylic paint, sharpie 

Frame: cotton canvas/ wood frame

Frame size: 12x16 inch

Finish: Acrylic protection 

Hours: 12


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