The Voice

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Whitney Houston have one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard in my life. The God given talent she has to reach levels that are really angelic and powerful to unlock the mind and emotions. I admire her ability to reach people from across the world to be in her presents because of her ability. Amazing is what allow me to see her in a light of perfection. 

 This was drawn in 2011 at Idaho Correctional Center in the day room. I began to practice my art and draw people who inspired me. Inspiration is the spark that fuels the goals we have in our minds and hearts. We inspire to be great and be our best in moments we see to reflect our talents. Art inspires me to display the vision within myself. 
 The picture itself displays her singing and a shadow or silhouettes of her walking off the stage with a mic stand near. The perfect image of her eyes slightly close and in the moment of her greatness. 

Frame: 8x11 metal frame

Medium: #2Pencil

Hours: 15 hours


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