Love in 3D

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   This is one of my pieces I completed and it’s called Love in 3D... It expresses the 3 characters or rolls a women plays in life Wife, Mother, and how her friends and family see her.
   There have always been an appreciation for women who work multiple jobs come home prepare for their kids and then get them ready for school and necessary activities. The Strength in a women amazes me because sometimes it’s over looked. 
    Love in 3D is an expression of appreciation. The image drawn came from a India Love picture taken and I recreated it to capture the moment and what I was able to see in this particular moment and what this drawing represents to me.

   There are two present images you can see but the third image is the person looking at the art. The moment of art is only appreciated in the image of the person observing. Love in 3D shows a women in 3 stages of her life. 

      Remember to never deny your gift God have given you. It only does if you do not use it, so don’t bury your gift... Cultivate it and let it grow so you can show the glory!

Medium: Pencil

Frame: Custom Wood Frame

Museum Glass covering

Frame size: 34x52 inch




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