Custom Black Jean Jacket

Size: Medium
Sale price$575.97 USD


Levi Jean Jacket $102

sewing hrs: 4

painting hrs: 17

total hrs: 21

medium: acrylic paint

jacket size: men medium

 The art that is on the back of the jacket I am actual art piece I have completed called Exotic Lies. The message is spread out through the back of the jacket. The Truth is painted at the bottom because lies seem to be built off of some type of truth. The art on the front is Betty Boop painted on there by hand. The letters at the top of the jacket is sewn into the jacket. The fabric is canvas material for the letters.

 This jacket is colorful and the reason I made it to get the art piece to make a message and a statement by wearing the jacket. This is a special style because the black accents the other colors and make the whole jacket pop. 

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