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Dreaming is the state of mind where greatness begins.

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Candy GirlCandy Girl
Candy Girl
Sale price$215.00
Powder Puff SkateboardPowder Puff Skateboard
Powder Puff Skateboard
Sale price$289.97
Hitachi Anime SkateboardHitachi Anime Skateboard
Hitachi Anime Skateboard
Sale price$279.97
Custom Skateboard OrderCustom Skateboard Order
Custom Skateboard Order
Sale priceFrom $275.97
Taz in Marvins World
Taz in Marvins World
Sale price$110.27


Who are you?
What is your dream?
What do you crave for?
What is your passion?

I believe we should wear our dreams. Show the world what you are made of and that you are here to be bold and unique.

Your closet can be an instrument to manifest your dream into reality, and I want to guide you through this journey & be part of your mission to greatness.

I am Whosee Artist/Designer behind BOMBFACE Brand. A streetwear brand that introduce music, art, and science that connects and show you how your confidence in your dreams is key in your reality.

We are here to coordinate your confidence to a style that fit your personal touch. We assist in styling your closet with our one on one consultation.

Through honest, premium, & stylish approach we attend to each and every request with our best.

“Be you! Be Great!”

This is an image of BOMBFACE brand in New York time square. Streetwear brand for quality style and designs for comfort. We coordinate confidence

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Fabric Art

Fabric Art

Art is an Expression of how we feel and Fashion is an expression of art. We express how we feel if it’s through pain or pleasure. We are constantly expressing our emotions of creativity, pain, or sometimes lack of creativity so we show pain. 
Fashion is an expression of art allowed me to open up how I seen art and how it is created daily. Express yourself. Be You! be Great!
Customize Your Closet Success

Customize Your Closet Success

We do have a 2 types of memberships with our Gold and Platinum Membership to fit your needs. Also you read through the membership description to see what best fits you. In this membership you will be able to have someone you can rely on for style design, and a consistent high quality clothing line.
Story Behind BombFace Brand

Story Behind BombFace Brand

 The story behind BOMBFACE Streetwear brand is a growing story of struggle, love, passion, and creativity.

 The Brand began with music and transformed to create a style that expresses a true experience from destruction to creation.
  The style is designed to expose the ability to achieve the higher self. 

Be You! Be Great!