BombFace Chemistry Longsleeve T-shirt

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  The BombFace Chemistry is apart of the equation for BombFace. BOMBFACE= Music+ Art+ Science is the equation for the brand. BombFace Chemistry is how things go together. The interchanging pieces of life sometimes we are not able to put together. The shirt comes only in black at the moment. The patch on the front of the shirt is an embroidery patch with the BombFace Nameplate stitched in the chest. The spelling of BombFace on the sleeve is each chemical form for BombFace spelled out. Each of the chemical electron number is displayed above each letter. 

 The material is made of heavy cotton and is a longer t-shirt with an arch on the bottom of each t-shirt. There is a QR code as the tag on the t-shirt where you are able to get all of the information about BombFace.

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