Atom Bomb Sweatpants

Size: Small
Color: Black
Sale price$59.97 USD


Stand in Premium Comfort 


 •The Atom Bomb Sweats are a fleece interior thick heavy sweat pant. You receive some of the most comfortable sweats available. You get to wear a fleece interior sweats like you are standing in a comfortable insulated sleeping bag. 

• You receive a sweat pant that’s measured for true to size, then cut from the fabric then each piece is carefully embroidered on the side with six bombs.

The pant is then sewn together and manually place each drawstring in the waistline to provide tightening if needed. The bottom of the sweat pant is tapered for the latest design and secure around the ankle.

• Like some of the other products this style have a double meaning. The 1st is the six bombs on each side represents the 6 electrons it take to make carbon which is a necessary part for the atom to form. 

• The 2nd meaning is the The Six is where the brand originated in Seattle, Wa. In the local neighbourhoods of Seattle it have always been referred to as The Six to represent where you are from. 

•This is a great added piece to the brand. You will receive style, comfort, and quality. All the things BombFace stand for. 

• It’s as easy as putting in your name, address, email and payment information. 


  • 80% cotton 20% polyester 
  • metal tabs on drawstring 
  • 2 pockets
  • tapered bottom
  • color: black


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