Custom Camo Jacket

Size: Medium
Sale price$649.97 USD


Vintage Camo Jacket cost: $90

sewing hrs: 6

painting hrs: 15

Total hrs: 22

medium: acrylic paint

size: medium

 This is a Camo vintage jacket  purchased in Seattle, Wa. The jacket has 3 extra pockets on there. There are two front pockets and a large pocket reinforced canvas material for extra storage on the back. The pockets are sewn on and painted on. 

  The art on the back is called Exotic lies. The art is sublimation into the canvas material on the back of the jacket. The art piece is sewn into the back of the jacket. The pocket below the art is an Anime piece all reacting different to the lies spoken above. There’s hear no lies, see no lies and speak no lies. This is so the art can communicate in meaning for the whole jacket. The Truth is painted on the bottom because lies are based off the truth. 

  This is for major attention! This jacket will attract the eyes and have you the center of the room. Everyone giving you complements telling how good you look. The whole time they have been waiting for you to express yourself. This is a piece for easy conversation and ice breakers. 

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