Custom Skateboard Order

Size 7.0: Size 7.0
Sale price$315.99 USD


 This is where you’re able to get a custom skateboard to your specifications. Depending on request. The artwork we specialize in is cartoon, graffiti, and names etc…. We have completed over a several project and all customers have been satisfied. 

We are offering different sizes and options for the custom skateboards. The artwork on the board will depend on time of completion, project order, and concept of artwork.  

These boards are all hand painted and drawn onto the board freehand or painted freehand. 

All skateboards come with wheels and trucks. The delivery for the custom skateboards are FREE. 

If you have any question feel free to contact us. 

COST Included:

Skateboard blank $40-$70

Trucks, wheels, bearings $80-$135

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