The Formula Custom Hoodie

Size: Small
Color: Purple
Sale price$129.97 USD


Custom Embroidery Style

    • weight: avr. 1lb 7oz

    • fabric: 80%cotton/ 20%polyester

    •color: Royal Blue, Purple, Navy Blue, Black

  In ordering these be aware that the sizing on these hoodies are depending on how you like your fit. If you like your hoodies tighter then get your true size. ex…( If you wear a medium in size then the mediums fit a little tighter. So if you prefer a looser fit then get a size up. If you like it baggy get 2 sizes up.) 

  This is a Hoodie deducted to where the brand grew up as a style and see some of the different styles and how the skyline always played a major roll in identifying Seattle as a place on the map because of the famous skyline. So this is an Edition dedicated to Seattle and all the people who Rep where they are from and grew up.  
  The BOMBFACE Logo is above the skyline like the Bat Signal in the film Batman. 
 This hoodie comes with the Seattle Skyline on it. If you like for there to be no skyline please put in the notes of the order. If you request a color that is not in stock the pricing will vary. Due to the order volume. 

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