The Formula custom hoodie

Title: Small
Color: Black
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Premium comfort by the Formula. 

Answer to warmth and style that identifies the bold intelligence in creating comfort. The Formula is the name and answer to the doubt on what to put on. 

The Formula Premium Hoodie is the highlight of the brand because it give you a secure feeling of comfort,  quality, detail, design and one of a kind.
*You receive a hoodie with a fleece interior that’s made for quality like wearing a light secure jacket that protects you in the cold. 
The embroidery patches and detail in the hoodie brings attention to the quality fabric for multiple conditions and use.

*This hand crafted carefully selected material with a warm fleece interior will keep you comfortable and stylish. The hoodie is selected from color to material then sewn together after the embroidery stitch is securely placed. The instant feeling of comfort and quality is felt once you put it on.

*The Formula Premium Collection have two meanings.

•The first meaning is resilience. This is because Albert Einstein was known for his famous equation E=MC^2. But what people don’t know is in order to get this equation he failed many times, but was resilient in finding his solution.

•Albert Einstein findings leads to the 2nd meaning. The second meaning is the resilience produced the explosion when you don’t give up. This is represented by the partial Oppenheimer Atomic Bomb equation stitched in the side of the hoodie surrounded by the E=MC^2.

*The Formula Premium Collection provide comfort with intelligent meaning and automatic attention.

Dry Clean for long lasting results.

  • 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester
  • 1lb 7 oz in weight
  • color: black, red, blue, green, purple, pink, gray, navy blue
  • Embroidery Patch on the back

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