Behind BOMBFACE Brand

Once upon a time, but for real at one time in my life I thought I was blessed to be working and free.

 What is BombFace? “A Good Dude with a short fuse!” Lyric by the musical rap artist BOMBFACE. 

 Now BombFace begin his journey as a musical artist behind the prison walls. Writing lyric of his pain and struggles with himself and lessons of incarceration. Expression of glory through melody and sound with lyrics to motivate.

 I’m Whosee the designer & artist Behind BOMBFACE Brand. I began the clothing brand in 2020 during the pandemic.

The musical artist BOMBFACE (my brother) was creating music and making headway in music with several independent recognition through articles and television features like BET. 

  After hearing the music and the motivation I received by the inspiration of the lyrics allowed me to visualize BOMBFACE as a Brand. 

 I asked my brother (BOMBFACE) to allow me to be able to create a clothing brand off of his name. With permission from my brother the BOMBFACE Brand begin.

 The motivation for the brand comes from my artistic background to be able to emulate a story of the journey to the higher self. 

 I revived my art journey while incarcerated in IDOC custody for 8yrs serving a sentence. This allowed me time to draw again and explore my art. 
This gave me a peace of mind to be able to create. 

 I met a good friend along my art journey who motivated me to keep creating and trusted my skills. This set me on a path to create a life of freedom of expression. 

BombFace Brand creates from the bases of Music + Art + Science= BombFace. The music from the Artist (my brother) , Art from myself, and The Science is the language in which the Brand communicate the relationship and story’s expressed through the brand. 

The expression of a person through clothes is one of the best and valuable tool in life. Put on a suit or dress up everyday people treat you different. 

There are expression of art on the fabric to tell extensive story’s of music and art communication. Designing and crafting a collection through paint and custom clothes is where I extended my artistic ability.

My brother and I were raised by my father where we learned hard work and dedication. The musical talent comes from my father and the creative talent in fabric comes from my mother.

 The love for Fashion and fabric communication it tells the story of emotions and I like the creative part of this journey. I later discovered this love but it was a talent hidden I wasn’t aware of. 
Sewing came so natural I thought that it couldn’t be this easy. My mother instilled in me a talent I couldn’t imagine growing. 

 With my brother’s motivation (BombFace) I was able to create and grow into a designer with a clear vision in expression through the custom jackets, skateboards,  and outfits. Each piece created with their own artistic meaning.

 BOMBFACE Brand will continue to grow and better its service to help each person identify their style of the higher self. If you look good you feel good and I always felt this is what communicate the confidence and respect you like to receive. 

Communicating a style of confidence is knowing what you’re wearing and what you are expressing. BOMBFACE is the expression of confidence through fabric and ready wear. 

If you know someone who has questions about style and design, Ask Whosee designer for BombFace Brand. We service in quality, style, and design.  

From the expression of music to art  and how it communicates. From the custom skateboards, custom jackets and more. BOMBFACE Brand is here to defy gravity through Fashion. 

Be You! Be Great! 


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