Custom Skateboard a Free Canvas

Freedom is Liberating!

When self expression through a custom skateboard!

The way Art meet life is an important part of creation…

The liberating feeling was the first time I discovered this peace in one of my most darkest moments in my life. The peaceful feeling of creating.

Custom skateboards give me a way to share this creative freedom.

The reason the custom skateboard provides this because it’s a part of self expression.

The skateboards are all hand painted and created for a custom theme or artistic expression. This is all maintained through animated cartoons or personal expression.

The benefits to have a one of one skateboard art custom signature styles will increase in value over time.

This value is connected to the rising value of BombFace Brand.

Collaborating art with a custom expression through a community of family and support. The community that defy gravity.

I skateboard as a kid, but sport was primary in my life at the moment. I remember, to be able to master a trick gave you a sense of early accomplishment, If you’re not afraid of learning and failing.

Failure teaches us to learn or hurt a lot. Enduring the pain to make the next trick.

Painting and sharing apart of a childhood love is liberating.

Custom skateboards is an outlet and I advice to find your highway to freedom and liberation.

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