Style is in the Personality

Telling a story through experience

 The idea that the style is your message about your personal experience in life. What does those personal experience say? How do those experiences make you better story of your historic personality approach.

 When we travel through life we learn from different people and experiences. The reaction to those same experiences determines our growth into someone we always seem to inspire to be like.

 These same experiences are expressed in our style through personality. 
 Telling the story to your personal style is in the details of the combinations of clothing.
 It’s important to select a main piece to tell the story around. This is a key factor to creating messaging through fabrics essential part of my style. Time allowed me to understand what I like and don’t like.

The color, patterns, style, and combinations are all a collective for messaging, or telling a story. 

 In the journey to discovery your style make sure all your selections are all authentic. Authentic is style and translation. 
 The authenticity always translates, and once you are able to express the quality of your original del you elevate into more. 

Make sure you always ask yourself, is this true to who I am? Asking yourself a simple question opens the thought process of self awareness. Awareness is the key to observation. Your personal observation elevates your style and details. 

 The story is told and the style is displayed now it time to put your skill on display. Experiment with patterns and color that interest you the most. 
  If there I a get together or family reunion and you are hanging with friends, I suggest try your style out. This will be your testing grounds for what to add and what to take away from the outfit. 

  Leave a comment and tell a quick story of your style. 

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