The power of Personal Style. How fashion can empower and inspire.

I think it’s very important to understand your style.

What is your style? How you feel about yourself.

Rather a rockstar, queen, king, student, or what ever look you are feeling or the style that represent you is important.

Establishing your personal style is another form of  your own identity based on the way you feel about yourself.

When I observe someone’s style I watch how they carry the garments or how they are expressing themselves. It gives you a non verbal communication that leave clues of the persons personality.

The power that’s behind someone’s personal style is speaking without explanation.

Why should clothes speak or represent power, authority, colorful etc…?

With the right combination and color situation you are able to attract exactly the reactions you want.

The power of attention to demand authority is a language spoken by the few who invest into themselves.

Messages are meant to be translated through fabric. The quality of the fabric and  how it is constructed is the message that expresses personal style.

This person style is the sole power possessed by the messenger ie:( designer, stylist, collection etc..) whom ever is delivering the message through the clothes that represent the persons style is a personal power that is infectious.

In fashion there are many ways to express a mood, scene, moment in time, or what ever form of expression.

The expression is necessary for the many voices needed to connect to the identity of the designer. The voice of fashion through the designer empower vision and an artistic expression.

The empowerment of fashion is through the expression that inspires the group or audience this artistic expression is dedicated to.

From a designer perspective some of the artwork I create through fabric is solely based on personal style.

The reaction to that personal style show that there are more people who need you to express this voice.

Things are expressed through the artist, or stylist, and designer. The true expression of this art is accepted by the like minded in style of expression and sometimes inspires.

This inspiration is the spark thats necessary for the growth in art and expression.

All the things I speak of in expression is presented in fashion to inspire the growth of the appreciation of personal style.

The travel for fashion has shown me different areas that have their own expression of fashion. It amazes me what one area express as luxury as personal style and another area expreses personal style as an identity of oneself.

The best thing about personal style is that the price tags don’t make the styles.

The personal style expressed through fashion is empowerment for oneself to hold attention and expression that has a priceless value.

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