BombFace Nameplate

Who said you didn’t fit in!

A community that is diverse is complete with ideas and truth.

Inclusion is the main representation in The Nameplate Collection.

Nameplate formulates the idea of individuality inside a community. Representing where you are from and how you feel about yourself is a real voice of truth.

Expressing the truth through personal style in a custom Jean Jacket or Custom Skateboard is something I feel the Nameplate Collection provides.

The Name on the license plate is the idea of a custom license plate. Example BombFace Nameplate.

The Nameplate collection also expresses the customization of a personal style and identity in a community.

The colors on the Chemistry(a long sleeve black cotton t-shirt with the periodic table) of BombFace spelled down the sleeve, and represents the diversity in colors and how they come together to make chemistry.

The collection consists of chemistry and connections through community.

This will consist of a continuos growing collection to represent community growth.

The best part of seeing a new color is the inspiration of a different idea of inclusion.

This is for the person who felt left out when all you can do is be yourself.

The feeling of rejection is the misunderstanding of the messenger. Know you can be yourself and be included.

BOMBFACE Nameplate includes you too!

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