Destruction & Creation

 I was blind but now I see. I cause a lot of my reality.

Destroy and create is what happens in human nature. Destruction & Creation is a collection made of style that represents resilience. Creation can't occur without destruction.

The resilience and ability to learn allow you the ability to build a skill set that will only increase.

The Destruction & Creation is a collection dedicated to the skateboard community. To be able to master a trick after multiple attempts shows the ability to be creative in your learning application to tough obstacles.

Destruction & Creation is also dedicated to the resilience of someone who doesn’t allow their past or changes in the present dictate their future. 
 Life has all types of ups and downs that leads us in different directions. The balance to keep your cool while making decisions is what allow you to create in a destructive situation.

 In the collection you receive comfort and multiple styles to mix with your idea and vision. The collection includes a continue growth in styles and fabric that represent the creative resilience. 
The look of the style is a daily expression with bold colors, and heavy duty fabrics. The collection also includes accessaries like hats, socks, bags and other accessories. 
There are custom additions you are able to create to develop your own styles. 
The boldness, resilience, and cool are all strong and necessary to grow from destruction to creation. 
Community that stays together through tough times build a resilient relationship help you grow together through the good times.

We share our pain to heal. The community heals the doubt within by being a true friend. 
In life you should destroy bad habits and create healthy connection, self love and truth. 
Destruction and Creation is a collection that represent daily decisions to destroy or create. 
I advise to Be You! Be Great! 

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