The Roots to My Fashion

Journey of Pain to Peace!

 When I began my Fashion Journey. I wasn’t aware of the fire that burned inside me. This flame seems to always remain but I wasn’t sure how to express it. 
 I was 6yrs old and my mom discovered an ability I was sure anyone could do.  Drawing! I understood it as a talent but not a favorable one.  At the early age of 6 I knew I had something special because my mom made a big deal of my drawing ability. 
 Now fast forward I was incarcerated and rediscovered my artistic ability. Art has always been my natural talent. This ability reemerge during my 8yr sentence in ICC( Idaho Correction Center). While serving my sentence I knew art was my journey at that moment of peace in the day room on the tier. (Prison dormitory)  

Peace from  chaos! 
 I wasn’t sure how this journey would unfold. In 2010 I was working as a dog handler and then in the barbershop for ICC. I also drew art for personal interest and made pretty good money because of my unique ability. 
 In this setting I found peace in Art. Looking back I see how all of the creative moments built the confidence to create in the image you see fit as a blessing. To be able to express pain, joy, excitement, diversity, personality and an array of emotions through Fabric continues to grow in its own truth. 
 My advice when you are discovering yourself as an artist/ creator, you should continue to be  true to your gut feeling. Then look into this emotions and understand why they exist. 
 This is the journey where truth began for me. My brother took me to my first fashion show after prison. Besides high school fashion shows I wasn't aware or considered the Art that exist in the fashion world. There seems to be an unspoken language in fashion with presenting Art & Style and I seem to understand it. 
 The roots has to be true for the greatness to work through you. My discovery has taught me peace and truth ,causes pain from the roots to your journey to be stable. Grow from the roots and the journey will continue to surprise you with blessings.